Monday April 4th 2016 19:04

Real Building Work

A trip to Nana and Grandad's new(ish) house so we could do some real building work.

ISO100 - 1/60s - f2

But first a Skype call with the Canadian branch of the family:

ISO400 - 1/400s - f3.2

Now let's get to work!

ISO100 - 1/500s - f3.2

"YA BLAH BAH DAH" - translation: "I'll move this wheel barrow"

ISO100 - 1/400s - f3.2

Hard at work!

ISO100 - 1/1600s - f1.2

"Where did I leave my spade?"

ISO100 - 1/3200s - f1.2

"Ah - here it is!"

ISO100 - 1/1600s - f1.2

We're not sure who was project manager at this point.

ISO100 - 1/3200s - f1.2

Time for the real work to happen.

ISO100 - 1/2000s - f1.2

Easy - only needs one hand!

ISO100 - 1/1600s - f1.2

Team work!

ISO100 - 1/5000s - f1.2

Let's swap rakes!

ISO100 - 1/4000s - f1.2

ISO100 - 1/6400s - f1.2

ISO100 - 1/6400s - f1.2

ISO100 - 1/2000s - f2

ISO100 - 1/640s - f4

ISO100 - 1/3200s - f1.2

ISO100 - 1/3200s - f1.2

ISO800 - 1/160s - f1.2

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