Friday July 25th 2014 16:23

Not Just Code

We needed some photographs for the Not Just Code website, a new Software Development company I have co-founded.

Corporate stock images of gender & ethnically balanced groups studiously looking at a whiteboard or "computer" images made up of 0s and 1s are rather cliched and would result in us blending into the background of other company websites that are visually similar.

Whilst thinking on this I overheard the team discussing the need to salt password hashes.

"Salt", I can photograph that:

ISO100 - 1/6s - f16

The early morning sun created good contrast:

ISO100 - 1/800s - f8

Looking around, I noticed other software or computing terms that exist in the real world:

ISO100 - 1/320s - f2.8

We like hooks.

ISO100 - 1/200s - f2.8

The complement of the above would have been to go inside the Swan Yard Cafe and photograph a (coffee) filter.

The fork made interesting shadows:

ISO100 - 1/8000s - f4.5

Not all of these photographs were used on the website, so it's nice to showcase them here instead.

ISO100 - 1/800s - f4.5

The next fork was more suited to the Not Just Code website:

ISO100 - 1/200s - f4.5

Thinking about typefaces:

ISO100 - 1/60s - f1.2

git makes handling multiple branches a breeze:

ISO100 - 1/5000s - f2

See? I said we liked hooks. This one is usually used by Cirencester Car & Tyre Care:

ISO100 - 1/40s - f1.2

Ashley's Wool Shop has plenty of threads in stock:

ISO400 - 1/100s - f2.5

These keys are obviously public as they're outside Timpson's shoe repair/key cutting shop:

ISO100 - 1/400s - f3.2

I thought about photographing an old suitcase, but thought a switch was slightly more obvious:

ISO100 - 1/200s - f1.2

This one wasn't used on the website because, despite the letters, it doesn't actually fit with the rest of the photographs:


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