Wednesday September 9th 2009 08:55

Available Light Night Time Photography

Available light photography at night? Or to put it another way: "Don't you just love shooting in available darkness?"

I was in Glasgow city centre and as it had (briefly) stopped raining I decided to put the new lens through its night time paces. I didn't have a tripod with me so everything had to be hand held, or resting on something solid.

ISO800 - 1/50s - f1.2

All aboard the night bus:

ISO800 - 1/50s - f1.2

This is probably my favourite shot of the evening:

ISO800 - 1/50s - f1.2

I noticed that there were was pretty heavy duty lighting illuminating some of the statutes on George Square:

ISO200 - 1/50s - f1.2

This old boy could do with a clean:

ISO200 - 1/100s - f1.2

The above image is very close to a 100% crop shows that with enough light  ISO800 produces very useful results.

ISO800 - 1/50s - f1.2

Lens flare!

ISO800 - 1/50s - f1.2

I'm still seeing dots from having taken this picture...

Note the evidence of the recent downpour:

ISO400 - 1/2s - f7.1

Almost time to go home, so a photograph of the city chambers to finish:

ISO400 - 1/2s - f7.1

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