Tuesday December 13th 2011 00:19

Cirencester Parish Church Clock Tower

Having taken a photograph of last year's Christmas Market from a high vantage point, this year I thought I'd see if I could aim a little bit higher:


A very narrow spiral staircase winds its way up to the top of the tower, with various rooms along the way, the most fascinating of which housed the clock mechanism:




This large cylinder is part of what is essentially an enormous musical box:


As the drum turns, the studs hit the levers:


which pull on the ropes, ringing the bells above!

The bar across the upper half of this picture is the draft shaft that drives the other clock face:



At the top of the tower it's (obviously) possible to see some of the detail that's harder to spot from the ground:




The view up Black Jack Street:


A view of Gosditch Street:


The shot I climbed all the steps for:


The following image is made from 25 photographs. The resulting image has a resolution of 12,470 x 5,575 (a 694MB file).


My thanks go to Mr. S. Smith of the Parish Office for showing me the church tower and explaining its fascinating history.

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