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Christmas in Cirencester 2012 - Lights Switch on!

As dusk fell, the scene was set for the switching on of the Christmas lights:

ISO400 - 1/40s - f5

This year the lights were switched on by the Fabulous Baker Brothers, who signed their latest book at Octavia's Bookshop:

ISO4000 - 1/160s - f3.2

ISO4000 - 1/100s - f3.2

The Roving Crows performed a superb set, well worth a listen.

ISO800 - 1/160s - f4


ISO4000 - 1/250s - f4


ISO800 - 1/160s - f4

The music was performed to the back drop of some huge dancing shadows:

ISO8000 - 1/30s - f2.8

ISO3200 - 1/6400s - f1.2

ISO3200 - 1/2000s - f1.2

Local singer Abbie Lea sang some festive songs to ready the crowd for the main event:

ISO4000 - 1/1000s - f4

ISO4000 - 1/640s - f4

The boys worked the crowd giving some festive baking tips:

ISO4000 - 1/125s - f5

ISO4000 - 1/80s - f5

They pressed the Big Red Button and the lights came on!

ISO2000 - 1/125s - f5


ISO2000 - 1/25s - f5


ISO5000 - 1/125s - f2.8

ISO2500 - 1/25s - f2.8

The crowds this year were the largest yet:

ISO8000 - 1/60s - f8

ISO8000 - 1/30s - f8

ISO8000 - 1/20s - f8

There range of goods on offer this year is superb:

ISO3200 - 1/125s - f1.2

ISO3200 - 1/800s - f1.2

The mulled wine is excellent:

ISO3200 - 1/80s - f2.5

ISO3200 - 1/2000s - f1.2

ISO3200 - 1/1000s - f2.5

ISO3200 - 1/4000s - f1.2


ISO8000 - 1/13s - f10

ISO8000 - 1/30s - f6.3

ISO8000 - 1/200s - f4

The burgers and pork rolls are delicious (I've been back a number of times):

ISO8000 - 1/640s - f1.2

I was glad that these guys are back, not only did they help with my (non-existent) French, they also sell the most amazing Secateurs and pruning tools:

ISO8000 - 1/2000s - f1.2

These things are remarkable; they effortlessly cut through wood that you'd normally need to saw through. Amazing.

ISO8000 - 1/6400s - f1.2

ISO8000 - 1/4000s - f2.2

The mulled cider is excellent. You can buy a flagon of mulled cider. "Flagon" is a very satisfying word.

ISO8000 - 1/320s - f1.2

ISO25600 - 1/10s - f4


Kat B - Friday 7th December 2012 at 20:43:38

I too enjoy the word flagon.
Fantastic pictures of the singers. Ill bet the hot pork rolls alone were worth being out in the cold :)

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