Saturday December 4th 2010 19:54

Christmas in Cirencester - Lantern Procession

A rather gray and misty evening:


soon turned into an evening of colour thanks to the Cirencester Christmas Market Lantern Procession:


As the procession proceeded along Black Jack Street it began to snow!


"It's soap bubbles!" exclaimed a young voice with a note of intrigue. Either way, it looked good.


The procession made its way to the Market Place:


The varied lanterns looked superb:




















The Market Place has been transformed into a traditional German Christmas market:


A large variety of stalls were selling a huge range of items:









Details of all the Christmas in Cirencester events can be found on the Christmas in Cirencester website.


For those wondering about the technical side of things: all photographs taken at 50mm, ISO 1600 using available light with the camera mounted on a mono-pod.

If you would like prints of any of the photographs, please contact me using the form below.

All images © Jered Bolton 2010.


Sarah Foster - Monday 6th December 2010 at 14:59:26

Absolutley beautiful photo's. It all just looks magical, the lanterns are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

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