Monday February 9th 2015 19:38

It's Another Boy!

After a very long labour this little (well, quite big) fella was born on the 29th of January by emergency c-section, weighing in at 9lb 2oz.

Here he is a couple of hours old:

ISO160 - 1/20s - f2

A couple of days later once he'd been let out of the special care baby unit:

ISO400 - 1/400s - f1.2

ISO400 - 1/400s - f1.2

ISO400 - 1/320s - f1.2

A very excited big brother looking on, who'd had to wait a few days before meeting his little brother:

ISO400 - 1/200s - f2.2

ISO400 - 1/100s - f2.2

ISO400 - 1/200s - f2.2

ISO400 - 1/125s - f1.2

ISO400 - 1/500s - f1.2

ISO400 - 1/160s - f1.8

ISO400 - 1/320s - f1.2

ISO400 - 1/125s - f2

ISO400 - 1/250s - f1.6

ISO400 - 1/400s - f1.2

ISO400 - 1/125s - f1.2

ISO400 - 1/200s - f1.2

ISO400 - 1/50s - f2

The great thing about getting a baby brother is that you can pick out their first toy.

ISO400 - 1/125s - f1.2

ISO400 - 1/250s - f1.2

Of course baby brothers also give a gift back in return:

ISO100 - 1/100s - f1.2

ISO100 - 1/100s - f1.2

ISO100 - 1/100s - f1.2

Finally home, just in time for the Six Nations opener:

ISO400 - 1/160s - f1.2

ISO400 - 1/30s - f2


Jenny Yuile - Wednesday 11th February 2015 at 19:41:23

Ahhh! Just marvellous! What a little (big!) stunner. Big brother looks so chuffed- love the Superman outfit. And the Welsh top, well... :-D

Umber - Monday 16th February 2015 at 21:49:45

Wow look at all that dark hair!!! And those lovely chubby cheeks!!! Can't wait to meet him, lots of love from the Ahmeds

Nazir - Monday 16th February 2015 at 22:04:25

lovely pictures, congratulations....:)

Gordy - Tuesday 17th February 2015 at 00:23:20

Hi congratulation to you all, love the pictures! Will announce on Sunday to let everyone know at Central.

ian whale - Tuesday 17th February 2015 at 11:06:38

Congratulations to you both. The Whales x

Susan G - Tuesday 17th February 2015 at 13:39:24

Congratulations! What a bouncer! He already looks like a front row prop! :) Congratulations to big brother who looks "super" in his Superman outfit.

Fiona - Wednesday 18th February 2015 at 10:03:59

Wow well done Katie! What an absolute cutie.
Hope mummy as well as baby are doing well. and what a SUPER big brother :)
Love to all x

Vic - Wednesday 18th February 2015 at 17:40:43

What a lovely boy!!!! Love the welsh support...we need as many extra supporters as possible!!!

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