Saturday November 26th 2011 08:42

Alex Lovell Lights up Christmas in Cirencester!

Alex Lovell got this year's Christmas in Cirencester event off to a tremendous start by coming to Cirencester to switch on the Christmas lights!


The press swooped in for a quick interview!


Alex was given a guided tour of the Christmas in Cirencester event by Cirencester Mayor Andy Lichnowski.


This year's market looks splendid with a great variety of traders offering a wonderful range of items.




Waiting to be called up to the stage to press the Big Red Button:


"Let's hope this is connected to something!"


Job Done!


After a miniscule delay (probably to prevent the rest of the town from being plunged into darkness) everything was beautifully lit:



This year's Chirstmas in Cirencester event has a stage for showcasing local talent:


Some of Alex's news reading chums came along too:


Inside Cirencester's beautiful Parish Church:


Blackjack street looks magical this year:


This year's Christmas in Cirencester event is about the whole town, not just the market place.


Jesse Smith Family Butchers on Blackjack street laid on mulled wine and a street barbeque:






Having had a brief tour of the town we ended up back at the market:





john murrin - Saturday 26th November 2011 at 11:17:03

Great pictures Alex looks fabulous

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