Wednesday September 30th 2009 01:28

Ian's 18th Birthday Party

A few Saturdays ago a friend called to ask if I'd like to take some photographs of the 18th birthday party they were currently at. I jumped in the car and popped down to the city centre. Here is a selection from the evening:

ISO3200 - 1/25s - f2.8

ISO1600 - 1/30s - f2.2

I love the crazy lens flare in this next one:

ISO1600 - 1/13s - f2.8

I initially cropped this next photograph to a square, but in the end decided I preferred  the full frame version:

ISO1600 - 1/50s - f1.2

ISO1600 - 1/320s - f1.2

The 50mm lens gets photographs that just aren't possible with slower lenses:

ISO1600 - 1/200s - f1.2

I love the film-like grain on this next one:

ISO1600 - 1/200s - f1.2


A complete set of photographs from the evening is available here.

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